Private Qigong Online Sessions


Individual Qigong online lessons

My private Qigong online sessions are all about you – your pace, your goals, your schedule.

Perhaps you find it difficult to attend regular qigong classes or simply want to enjoy a personalized practice wherever you are.

Treat yourself with the Zhineng Qigong Online Sessions. You come to rest and relaxation, at the same time the Qigong practice gives you new energy for your health, your balance and your well-being.

Zhineng Qigong is a special qigong style to activate the self-healing power and to bring body, mind and emotions back into a harmonious balance.

With private online qigong lessons, you’ll get a qigong training that is completely customized to your needs and physical situation.

Online private lessons offer you many advantages:

  • You can practice Qigong from the comfort of your own home
  • You will receive individual lessons at flexible times (in the afternoon or in the evening European time)
  • You can practice at your own pace, taking into account your personal circumstances and goals
  • We can tailor the qigong exercises to your personal needs
  • You have the freedom to ask questions about any exercise or general questions about Zhineng Qigong, learn new exercises, deepen your qigong practice, etc.


Zhineng Qigong practice and meditation

Languages: German or English

Your Qigong teacher (Germany): Wan Fung

  • One online private lesson (60 minutes): 50 Euro
  • 5 online privale lessons (5 x 60 minutes): 220 Euro

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

If you’re interested in private qigong online sessions, please contact me:


If you don’t receive any e-mail within a short period of time, please check your SPAM folder.


What you need for setting up qigong online sessions

For the online transmission you need a PC, laptop or tablet (with camera and speaker) and a good internet connection. You also need the program/the app “Zoom”. As a participant, you can install this program free of charge on your PC/tablet. Just click on the link that I will send you by e-mail for our online lessons, download the link and install the file. You do not have to register for a account at

About Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is one of the most popular qigong styles in China. It is a qigong method for self-regulation, healing, self-cultivation, and for developing human potentials.

The methods are easy to learn and very effective in improving health, uplifting emotions etc. and nourishing the body with universal energy.

Millions of people around the world have been practicing and benefiting from Zhineng Qigong.