Qi Therapy


Qi Therapy and Healing Sessions

with the therapists of the
Xi’an Zhineng Qigong Research and Healing Center, China


The life force of our own body has a healing power that is stored in our cells, organs and in our consciousness. When this life force (our energy „Qi“) flows well, we feel healthy and vital and are mentally and emotionally balanced. When our energy becomes blocked or we lack sufficient energy, we get into an energetic imbalance, which affects our mental, emotional or physical health.

The Qi Therapy and Qi treatments support you in awakening and strengthening the healing power of your body in order to bring body, mind and emotions back into a harmonious balance.

Health and happiness are the result of
abundant, flowing, harmonious Qi


In Qi Therapy, we focus on Qi healing. Healing with Qi, also called „Hunyuan Medicine“ or „Hunyuan Qi Therapy“, is a technique in Zhineng Qigong that activates self-healing powers.

It supports the healing process in a holistic sense. Imbalances can be resolved and the entire energy flow of the body can be brought back into a healthy and balanced state. Pain, tension, stress or symptoms of illness can be alleviated or resolved in this way. Your vitality, strength, emotions and inner balance will return to a healthy level.

Qi Therapy in cooperation with the Xi’an Zhineng Center

We, Wan Fung Got and Birgit Becker-Petersen, are Qi Therapists and accompany you on your personal healing path. We work closely with the experienced Qi Therapists of the Xi’an Scientific Zhineng Center („Xi’an Zhineng Center“) who will carry out powerful Qi healing sessions with us. These healing sessions are part of the Qi Therapy concept and will support you in your personal healing process.

Every healing path is individual and a process that begins with your wanting actively to do something for yourself. You can get support and help yourself at the same time by practicing qigong exercises that are tailored to your personal needs.

Qi Therapy

Our Qi Therapy includes a initial consultation, three Qi healing sessions with the Qi Therapists of the Xi’an Zhineng Center, two follow-up sessions between the Qi healing sessions and a final follow-up consultation:

  • Initial consultation: We will discuss your concerns and give you an overview of the possibilities of Qi healing. A basic understanding of Zhineng Qigong is necessary and helpful so that you can benefit deeply from the healing sessions and actively participate in your healing process. This inititial consultation also serves to prepare you for the first Qi healing session. (duration: approx. 1 hour)
  • First Qi healing session togehter with a Qi Therapist from the Xi’an Zhineng Center (duration: approx. 1 hour)
  • Follow-up session with us (duration: approx. 15-30 minutes)
  • Second Qi healing session togehter with a Qi Therapist from the Xi’an Zhineng Center (duration: approx. 30 – 60 minutes)
  • Follow-up session with us (duration: approx. 15-30 minutes)
  • Third Qi healing session togehter with a Qi Therapist from the Xi’an Zhineng Center (duration: approx. 30 – 60 minutes)
  • Final follow-up consultation with us: introduction of selected Qigong exercises, recommendations and next steps with treatments, if desired (duration: approx. 30 minutes)

Procedure & duration
We, Wan Fung Got or Birgit Becker-Petersen, will accompany and support you during the entire Qi Therapy.

The Qi healing sessions are held in English language.

The Qi Therapy should take place within a period of approx. 2-3 weeks, so that there should be three days between each of the three Qi healing sessions, but no more than one week.

Due to the different time zones of Germany and China, the Qi healing sessions are carried out by the Qi Therapists of the Xi’an Zhineng Center in the forenoon or noon German time (also possible on weekends).

The entire Qi Therapy is held online via the video conference tool „Zoom“ (PC/laptop or tablet with camera and microphone required). So you can go into the Qi Therapy at any time regardless of where you live.

The Qi Therapy offer as listed above costs: 365 Euro

Should you require further support and consultation from us after the Qi Therapy, the price is 60 Euro per hour. This price is only valid in connection with the above Qi Therapy.

We support the Qigong research work of the Xi’an Zhineng Center by donating part of the proceeds to the Xi’an Zhineng Center.

The Qi Therapy is suitable for

  • everyone who is looking for support during an illness or emotional instability,
  • for everyone who intends to actively take care of themselves and
  • for everyone who is open to a holistic health concept (previous Qigong knowledge is not required)


If you are interested in our Qi Therapy, please contact me directly or Birgit Becker-Petersen:


Wan Fung Got



Birgit Becker-Petersen





Note: Qigong and Qi treatments serve to bring body, mind and soul into a harmonious state and to strengthen self-healing powers. They are understood as energetic treatments that can be used complementary to conventional medicine. Qigong and Qi Therapy should not be considered a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, a legal warranty or a guarantee of results to be achieved. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition as well for professional diagnosis or treatment. The term „Qi Therapy“ is used from a Qigong perspective. Qi Therapy is not an independent therapy method and does not replace a therapy prescribed by a healthcare professional or therapist. Qi Therapy can be used in addition to existing forms of therapy to provide holistic support.